WLANNet@Suvarnabhumi Airport by Milcom Systems

WLANNet Package for the Individual Users
WLANNet Feature
  • Expired within 3 months from the first access.
  • Auto disconnect within 15 minutes if you’re inactive.
Easy to Surf ...
  1. Make sure that you connect to WLANNet Network.
  2. Open Internet Browser and the system will automatically redirect to the WLANNet Login page.
  3. Enter User ID and Password.
Note :
  • Logout page will automatically appear.
  • Please keep the Logout Page to logout when you finish internet connecting.
  • If you involuntarily close the Logout Page, Please type logout.wlannet.net in URL to logout.
Special Package for Staff and Airport Office please contact Milcom Systems
  • Head office : 02-576-1234
  • Mr. Viradhanit (Sales) : (085) 903-9700